Claudia Hidalgo is a visual artist, specialized in photography. She was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but her artistic alter ego was coined by the Italian Embassy as a misprint in her name on the passport. Her passion for photography has always been present, which led her to take various photography classes in NYU and Barcelona, after finishing her degree in sports journalism in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Key Biscayne, the place where she spends her vacations, has become a great inspiration in her career. She uses her camera to document her day-to-day life and her ceaseless necessity to explore the world. Her work goes beyond shooting the photo and printing it, as she handles the whole process from beginning to end, as a necessity to curate every step of the finished product.

Behind her lens there isn’t a closed concept, but rather a moving narrative where she tells a story by manipulating the formal aspects of the image. She truly focuses in the colors to highlight elements that would have been lost to the naked eye.